7 Lending Protocols to Build “NFT Financialization” by Uniswap

According to a tweet from its head of NFT product Scott Lewis, Uniswap, decentralized exchange, plans seven NFT lending protocols.

Scott Lewis claimed in twitter:

Also, Lewis indicated that Uniswap would work with each lending protocol to “solve for liquidity fragmentation and information asymmetry”. He added:

This is the first step to building NFT financialization.

On the other hand, Uniswap’s plans about NFT has been welcomed by NFT community and this interest is growing.

Several NFT platforms like Liquid NFTs, Fuku, Unlockd_Finance showed their supports too.

Uniswap and NFTs

Uniswap has shown activity in the NFT scene with several integrations and acquisitions.

Sudoswap has already announced some of the features of decentralized exchanges like automated market maker for NFTs and swapping.

Uniswap also got Genie, a NFT marketplace aggregator. It was announced as “making Uniswap a comprehensive platform for users and builders in web3”

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