New Member of Decentraland:

The launch of metaverse dating based on Decentraland’s distinctive design was announced by On September 23, singles of all ages may begin to browse the metaverse dating area of to meet others, flirt with them, and fall in love.

Unique gift feature and interactive activities

Singles may participate in a variety of engaging areas and activities on Additionally, the distinctive gift-giving function of the dating site has been modified for the metaverse. Singles may now exchange NFTs as gifts and tokens of their virtual affection.

Three virtual marriages will be hosted by

Three actual couples who met and fell in love on will get married on the platform as part of a celebration of its grand opening. These couples are from three different continents. They will be joined in “blockchain matrimony” by the one-of-a-kind event, and they will get their marriage licenses as NFTs.

The newlyweds’ family and friends, as well as the officiant, will be present for the metaverse weddings. A formal dress code will be observed.

A member of the Dating Group, which operates more than 30 online dating services and has personnel and offices in seven nations, is KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Dating Group, said:

Dating Group has been on the front line of innovation, helping people from all walks of life connect with others all over the world., which is our flagship site, has been a pioneer in enabling social discovery. The next step in our development is bringing the platform into the metaverse.

Benefits of VR dating:

People may interact through virtual reality dating without having to worry about being judged or other superficial, materialistic issues that they would encounter in the real world. The platform’s founders claim that it will help users to save the time and money frequently squandered on IRL dates by allowing them to build relationships based on similar personality, beliefs, and interests.

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